Beloved Friend,

I am so excited to share with you my upcoming course You Were Born Beautiful: How To Discover and Experience Your Inherent Perfection.

I am beyond excited, as a matter of fact, and I am going to tell you why very soon. But first, let me be completely transparent with you.

This is NOT a "sales letter"

Sales guy

In Internet Marketing parlance, this would be considered a “sales letter”. I do not consider this a sales letter in any traditional sense, however, and this distinction is important. As soon as I started running my business, I discovered that I hated sales and marketing. No, let me re-phrase, I detested sales and marketing. I detested it because traditional sales and marketing is all about convincing you that you need to spend money, and you need to do so as soon as possible. Our whole economy is based on getting you, the consumer, to spend your hard-earned cash. As I learned about sales and marketing, I discovered there are actual techniques designed to persuade (i.e. manipulate) you into spending money, and it made me cringe. In the best case, these tactics are based on the belief that you can’t or won’t make good decisions for yourself, so someone else needs to manipulate your psyche. In the worst case, these tactics are simply designed to help someone else profit at your expense. I quickly realized that I wanted nothing to do with any of this.

Yet I also realized that I can be of no assistance to anyone if they do not know that I exist. You need to know that an opportunity exists – the courses, the products, the coaching, the articles, in order to take full advantage of them and transform your life.

So I find myself in the following situation: I want to make these teachings available to anyone and everyone who is interested, while maintaining my own integrity and not attempting to convince you to purchase if you are not ready, willing, and able to see the value of investing in yourself.

Phew – okay, now that I have cleared the air and you know my views on “selling”, onward with this letter.

My Invitation to You

Consider this letter an invitation. It is an invitation to step into transformation. It is an invitation to invest in yourself. It is an announcement of availability.

It is designed to let you know that there is an opportunity
and to let you know the benefits of the opportunity, to dispel any possible concerns or fears that might hold you back from taking advantage of the opportunity, and then you can decide for yourself. After reading this letter in its entirety, settle into yourself and determine whether this upcoming course is a good fit for you at this time.

The Nature of the Course

Very few people consider themselves perfect, tragically few. The vast majority of people in this day and age consider themselves flawed in a least a few ways, often many ways. Nowhere is this more evident than with the human body, but perceived defects are not limited to the physical level. How many times have you found yourself thinking:

Few consider themselves perfect...

"I am too short"
"I am too fat"
"I looked so much better before I lost my hair"
"I have too many wrinkles"
"The cellulite on the back of my thighs is hideous"
"I would look so much better if…"
"I was more attractive when I was younger
"If only I could change this or that, then I would be happy"
"If only I looked like him or her…"

And on and on the list goes with perceived imperfections.

Or how about:

"I am too selfish"
"I am not loving enough"
"I am too emotional"
"I am not generous enough"
"I lose my temper too easily"
"I am too sensitive"
"I am not smart enough"
"I do not have enough money"
"If only I was as smart, pretty, confident, etc as him or her"

What if I told you...

You are absolutely PERFECT!

Now what if I were to say you are absolutely perfect? Not kind of perfect, not a little bit perfect, not almost perfect – no, you are absolutely perfect. You are perfect right now without changing a single thing. Time and time again I hear from people, “Well, no one is perfect, right? We are all flawed.” My answer is no. This is simply incorrect. As a matter of fact, you are perfect, only you have been raised to perceive “imperfections” as opposed to the perfection.

Before you stop reading from disbelief, let me give a brief explanation of what I mean.

Who you are, what you are, is a process, and that process is absolutely perfect. From the moment of conception, you have everything you need, absolutely everything, that you will need in life.

"The real problem is that most people
have lost the ability to see this perfection."

Seeing and experiencing your perfection does not mean that you cannot change, that you cannot grow, that you cannot develop. Quite the contrary – when you discover that you are a process, and that perfection is built into the process, you harness the power and the ability to become more than you ever imagined. You are part of the evolutionary process of the cosmos, and change, growth, and development are built into the process itself.

Here is the amazing part:

"When you discover your inherent perfection,
you experience more power and more grace
than you ever imagined."

When you tap into the evolutionary force of the universe, when you begin to see yourself as a perfect manifestation, an integral part of this force, you begin to live your life at a level that was previously impossible. In short, you step into the realm of pure possibility, the realm of power, the realm of insight, the realm of wisdom, the realm of love, the realm of Spirit.

What was before impossible becomes imminently possible.

What was before unimaginable becomes part of your everyday reality.

What was before a burden becomes a joy.

This Course leads you in Self-discovery and Exploration

Discover YOUR Power!

This course is an exploration into this perfection that you are. It is a process in which you will...

Discover who and what you really are, and who and what you are not.

Learn how to let go of the false and limiting ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that are not serving you.

Uncover the absolute beauty, mystery, wisdom and grace beneath your false beliefs, limiting ideas and habitual patterns.

Step into the perfection, the beauty, the mystery, and the magic of your true Self with guidance and support.

This course is about removing the illusions and the delusions that you are living with.

"It is about letting go of the limitations that are
keeping you trapped
, so that you can see the perfection
that you already are, have always been, and will always be."

“Whether my weight is up or down or exactly where it should be, there are days when I just don’t feel happy with my body. And frankly, I get exhausted from having to even think about it. Sarah Maria has helped me take a vacation from this endless, often self-destructive cycle that we are all guilty of.

Her work reminds me that I am not defined by my body... and that it’s perfectly okay to make peace with the wonderful inhabitant in my body that is the real me. In fact, once I am not in conflict with my outside, I can feel my inside relax and begin to make the changes I wish to make on a long-term basis.

How precious a gift—to have someone give you the tools to love yourself. Thank you, Sarah Maria!”


Beauty, mystery, wisdom, grace, perfection – these are not simply nice concepts that are experienced by a limited few. They are available to each and every person. They are available to You. Provided only that you are willing to let the filters that are distorting your vision drop away. You simply need to learn how let go of the glasses that are distorting your seeing, take off the bifocals that are distorting your sight, and you will discover that all of this is within you, right now. It is within you and it is available for you to experience in your life.

Is this course right for you?

This course is not for everyone, and I mean that sincerely. This course is for you if you perceive that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

Or maybe you just have a sense, deep down, that something is missing, that there must be more to life. You have a subtle inkling, hope, or desire, that there are secret treasures in life that have not yet been able to fully access.

No matter where you are coming from or what you are hoping to gain, this course is designed to assist you along your journey of true, lasting, and total transformation.

The intention is to help you discover your inherent perfection so that you can begin to live the mystery, the magic, the power, and the grace.

Register Today and Learn to see the Beauty & Perfection
that is always available to You!

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“I have had the honor of working one-on-one with Sarah Maria and it has been a truly transformational experience. Working with Sarah Maria has helped me to see that I am inherently loveable, beautiful, and valuable, no matter what.

She has given me tools and techniques to break free from self-hatred and put love in its place. I am incredibly grateful for her and her incredible program. I recommend this for anyone who wants to love her body and love her life.”


Importance of Investing in Yourself

Invest in YOU!

If you are still wondering whether or not this course is a good fit for you, let me say a thing or two about the importance of investing in yourself because I feel very strongly about this.

Very few people realize the importance of investing in their mental, emotional, and spiritual development. We live in a culture that teaches you to buy stuff, but rarely highlights the true value of investing in yourself.

All of this is completely possible.
But this transformation depends on learning
new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Learning new ways of thinking, doing, and being.There is nothing more valuable, more transformative, and more life-changing then investing in yourself. Any money that you spend on your personal and spiritual growth is an investment. And like any really good investment, there is a very low risk, and an incredibly high reward. When you invest in yourself, you begin to actualize your potential. You start to break free from old habits, problematic conditions, and outdated mindsets. You begin to expose yourself to a whole new world, a world of opportunity.

We live in a time where there are incredible resources available to help you transform your life on every level. There are people and services to help you improve and grow in any and every area of your life. The only key is that you take advantage of these resources to help move you forward.

Let me assure you, just in case there is any doubt: You are absolutely worth investing in. I can guarantee you that you are worth every penny that you invest in your learning, growth and development.

The way to move from where you are to where you want to be is through investing in yourself. You may not even know where you want to be. Maybe you just want to feel less pain. Maybe you want to be happier. Whatever it is, you will not change if you keep thinking the same thoughts, and living the same behaviors that you have in the past.

So whether it is my course or someone else’s, make a commitment to start investing in yourself. Find the resources that resonate with you and begin to let your world radically shift in the direction that you want to go.

Let’s get Real

Take that leap of faith!

I know that it requires a leap of faith to jump into the unknown. It requires a leap of faith and an act of trust.

I want to assure you that I will do absolutely everything I can to help you make the changes you want to make and achieve the transformation you desire. I will teach you everything I can during this course. I will answer any and all questions that you may have. I commit to giving myself fully and completely to the process of your transformation for the duration of this course. The only requirement is that you commit to the process as well. Simply show up, give the course your intention and attention, and you will be amazed and astounded by what happens – you will experience alchemy.

You see, when people come together for the purpose of transformation, for the purpose of healing, self-inquiry, and growth, an alchemical process happens. An alchemical process is the process of transmuting one substance into another, and that is exactly what this work and this course is about. It is about taking your fears, your insecurities, your doubts, your pain, your questions, your seeking, and your longing and transforming them into peace, love, beauty, confidence, wisdom, and grace.

Simply be willing to show up, and you will be completely amazed at what becomes possible.

There is mystery in this; it is a mystical process. But most importantly, it is very real. It is a real process that leads to real results. So...

If you are ready to step out of mundane (and I absolutely mean that)

If you are ready to step out of the everyday

If you are ready to step out of the suffering

And ready to step into the magic, beauty, and alchemy of transformation

...then Register TODAY for this upcoming course

Register Today!

There is a world that is more mysterious, more magical, more intimate, and more profound than anything you can even imagine. And this world is not somewhere out there that you need to escape to – this magical and mysterious world is right here, right now, right in front of you, around you, and within you. The only problem is that you have forgotten how to see it. And so you go throughout your life, frustrated by the everyday, trapped by your conditioning, missing the beauty and the perfection that is right there, if only you knew how to see it.

And you can learn to see it.

Please join me on this journey. Join me on this path of exploration and growth. I will give you everything I can to assist you on this journey. It is an absolute honor to be able to accompany you.

If you are ready to step into beauty, step into wholeness, and step into perfection, click here to register.

“Sarah Maria's work with Negative Body Obsession rings more true in me than any other therapy, book, or article I have come across in my 8 years of suffering with disordered eating. Her work hones in on what I've come to see as the exact cause of my disordered eating - near-constant obsessing about my body. There's a little voice in my head constantly putting myself down, when in fact I'm quite pretty and desirable. But I'm not "perfect" and that's what this culture emphasizes.

The fact that Sarah Maria is showing us that we need to break away from this destructive part of our society is deserving of my highest accolades. I wish she could be on every news channel and on the front page of every newspaper! Every day I struggle, but every day I think about something from her website or newsletter to give me the strength to battle my NBO.

A million thanks for Sarah Maria!!”


One last word about pricing:

I know how much energy and effort it takes to earn your income. I know how valuable your time is, and I know how valuable your money is. And I would not be offering this course if I did not believe it had the potential to help you radically transform your life.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is an incredible deal. I honestly want you to have such an incredible experience that you are transformed for life. What price would you pay to move yourself from where you are to where you want to be? What price would you be willing to pay to step into the realm of perfection, beauty, and grace?

Hopefully you would be willing to pay a lot. But I am not asking for a lot. I am looking to give you tremendous value, and to leave you saying at the end of the course: “I wish I had paid more – this course has truly helped to transform my life.”

With that in mind, I am making the price as reasonable as possible while covering my costs of producing and teaching this course.

Course Schedule

This course is comprised of 3 Teleclass Calls:

Wednesday, February 3rd:   6 pm PST / 9 pm EST
Wednesday, February 10th: 
6 pm PST / 9 pm EST
Wednesday, February 17th:
 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST

And 2 individual coaching sessions with Sarah Maria. (To be scheduled.) 

Follow-up Bonus Call: Wednesday, March 31st:  6 pm PST / 9 pm EST   ($250 value)
You will have 3 sessions full of information, exercises, and practices. Then you will have some time to begin to live this new reality, to allow what you have learned to germinate. You will have two weeks to let everything you have learned percolate in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul.

And then we will join together again on Wednesday March 31st where I will answer any questions that have come up for you during this period.

It is a great value, truly, with 3 full 1-hour Teleclass calls, and 2 private coaching sessions with Sarah Maria, and the Follow-up Call. The value of the private coaching sessions alone is $500, and the entire course is being offered for $347.

Your Total Investment for the Entire Course: $347

(Package valued at $1,097...that's a $750 savings for you!)

Register Today!


Discover more peace and greater personal power!So now that you have read this letter in its entirety, take a minute to step back and relax. Close your eyes and breathe. Ask yourself, "Does this sound right to me?" Is the universe leading me to this course at this time to help me along my path of life? Am I ready to experience true and lasting transformation?

Remember, this is not about pressure – it is about opportunity. It is not about me convincing you to buy something.  This is about you seeing an opportunity to move your life in the direction you want to go. So take the time to go inside and check and see if it feels like a fit. If there is just a twinge of willingness, a subtle pang of interest, I recommend you let the doubts fall away and take a step into the unknown. I know first-hand the transformation that is possible and wait eagerly for an opportunity to help you along your journey.

Sending peace, love, and beauty always – I truly look forward to working with you.

Body Image Expert, Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria