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December 22, 2009

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A Note From Sarah Maria
Beloved Friend,
Wishing You Happy Holidays!

Well, everything is slowing down here in the U.S. as we near the holidays. This slowing down is wonderful with me. I am thoroughly enjoying taking a few deeps breaths after such a busy couple of months. I intend to take full advantage of the more relaxed energy and chil-lax (chill-out and relax).

I am flying to Northern California on Tuesday to visit my beloved family for Christmas. Then back to San Diego on Saturday to enjoy New Year’s. I am looking forward to reflecting on 2009 as it comes to a close, and excited to see what changes and developments 2010 will bring. As part of this, I am looking to discover more effective ways of being available to support you in the coming year. To that end, please take a brief moment to answer the questions below. The goal is the make all of my offerings: this e-zine, my classes, coaching, books, etc. as helpful to you as possible. So let me know – what are you longing for in your life? What would help you move from wherever you are to wherever you want to be in 2010? Your feedback is very much appreciated.

If you missed the free call last week and would like to listen to it now – here is the replay link.

On that note, I am offering a new course starting in February titled You Were Born Beautiful – How to Discover and Experience Your Inherent Perfection. It is a 5-session course designed to help you discover the beauty, perfection, peace, and love that you ultimately are. It is designed to help you break free from any negative beliefs, thoughts, ideas, emotions, or behaviors that are keeping you trapped in suffering. You will receive individualized attention so that you receive real help and support for your particular challenges and situations. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get healthier, or simply learn to love yourself, you will receive the assistance you need to move you in the direction you want to go.  Learn more about the course at

In the meantime, please take just a few moments to answer the questions below and let me know how I might better serve you. Also please be sure to read the note below, which explains in greater detail about my work and approach.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, and sending you much love as always,

Sarah Maria 

Feature Article
Your Opinion Please...
Preparing for the Year Ahead!

As 2009 comes to a close, I am looking for ways to bring even more value to you in 2010. I am brainstorming and investigating ways to bring you enriching and inspiring content, along with wonderful resource recommendations, courses and classes to help you effortlessly create the transformation you desire in your life. I could use your help. Please take a moment and answer these questions by hitting reply to this email:

1.  What would you like to see in this e-newsletter in 2010?
     What would make you rush to your computer to make sure you don’t miss the latest edition?
     How can this e-zine best serve you?

2.  What do you like most about the current e-zine and offerings?
     What is most helpful?

3.  What type of courses, classes, and events would you like to see?
     What would be most helpful for you right now?

4.  What are your biggest challenges in life?
     What would you like to see change?
     What resources would best support you on your path?

Remember, this email newsletter is all about staying connected to that which is beautiful, inspirational, and transformational. So let me know what you would like to see – your feedback is essential to creating resources that will help you along the path of healing, love and transformation.

A note on personal transformation:

Let me add one point of clarification about personal and spiritual transformation. Your path to loving your body and yourself is a path that you must walk. I can guide you; I can support you; I can offer you everything I have, everything I have learned, everything I have experienced, everything I have done, to assist you on your journey. I can provide love, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and insight. I can offer you all the support I can.

Find Your personal peace and joy.

But I cannot do the work for you. No one can. When you truly desire healing, when you long to know the perfection that you are, there are unlimited resources available to help you. But you must always do the work. This is the only way you can ever progress; it is the only way that you can move forward.

Many people want someone else to solve it for them, to fix it for them, and this is natural and understandable. Yet the fact remains that no matter how much anyone wants to help, you must do the work – this is the only way to get lasting results.

So if you want to love your body and love your life, if you want to experience peace, joy, love, and beauty, if you want to break free from your suffering, all of this is completely and utterly possible and available. And I will do everything I can to help you. But you must be willing to walk your path, because it is truly your path and only you can find your way home. I can help you find the map and navigate the map, but you must walk the road.

Sending you Peace, Love, and Beauty always.

What's New
Coaching with Sarah Maria
 Sarah Maria
Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Are you ready to commit to transformation for real? 

If you know more is possible in your life, if you are yearning to break free from limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, consider hiring a personal coach. I personally guarantee that I would  not be where I am today without the help of amazing teachers, mentors, and coaches. I am going to be writing more in the coming months about the importance of investing in yourself because this has been a key ingredient in my own transformation, and in the success of my colleagues. For now, let me just say that you are worth absolutely every penny. When you invest in yourself, you are making a phenomenal investment that will serve you consistently and produce a manifold return. 

If you are looking to finally end your struggle with food and your body and create lasting peace with both, consider personal coaching.

If you are ready to take your personal and spiritual evolution to the next level; if you find yourself in the midst of change and wanting guidance, consider personal coaching.

To learn more about personal coaching with me, read client testimonials, and decide whether it might be a good fit, visit

Consider what one of my teachers and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says about coaching: 

“You would never expect an athlete to reach the Olympic Games without a world-class coach. Nor would you expect a professional football team to enter the stadium without a whole team of coaches…today coaching has moved into the business and personal realm to include coaches who have succeeded in your area of interest – who can help you traverse this same path or even one far greater. Of all the things that successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list.”

--Jack Canfield, Author of The Success Principles:
   How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

I would be truly honored for an opportunity to accompany you along your path of total transformation

About Sarah Maria

Sarah Maria is the author of Love Your Body, Love Your Life. The book outlines her 5-step process for helping you feel great in and about your body and yourself. Her work embraces the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, so that true and lasting healing can occur. Click here to purchase your copy and begin to love your body today. To learn more about Sarah Maria and her work, you can visit her website at and

Sarah Maria is a body-image expert and teacher who can help you discover the beauty that you already are so that you can create a body and a life that you truly love.
She has studied with the leading experts in health, spirituality, personal development, and success, including Deepak Chopra, physician Dr. David Simon (co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well-being in Carlsbad, CA), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, renowned Ayurvedic physician Vasant Lad, and many others. She is a lover of eastern philosophy and spiritual wisdom and passionately shares these teachings that have so transformed her own life.

Before founding Break Free Beauty, Sarah Maria received her law degree from Stanford University and her Master's in International Affairs from Columbia University in NYC. She has lived and traveled throughout Latin America, and has also visited many countries around the world. Her greatest passion is helping people discover the beauty and the greatness that resides inside so they can live from this place of grandeur, transforming themselves and the world.

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