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January 6, 2010

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A Note From Sarah Maria
Beloved Friend,
Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010!  After taking a 2-week e-zine holiday, I have so much to share – I am afraid this e-zine is going to get way too long…  Just so I don’t make this overwhelming, I will save some of my exciting personal updates for the coming weeks.  But, most importantly -

Thank you for traveling with me through 2009! It has been such a blessing to connect with you through the digital world. So many of you have sent kind words and comments about how this e-zine has positively impacted your life. I consider it a tremendous blessing to be able to offer this e-zine to help you along your journey through life. So a very big thank you to you, my beloved readers, for 2009.

For 2010, I hope I get to continue to connect with each and every one of you through this e-zine, and if you are interested, through classes, courses, and coaching. It is truly a joy to be able to serve you – thank you for the beauty that you bring into my life. May 2010 be a most beautiful, heart-filled, grace-filled year for each and every one of you.  

Also, thank you to everyone who offered your valuable feedback on the e-zine. It is very helpful. One request I received was for more tele-seminars and learning opportunities with me. This was great because I already have some wonderful opportunities in place for starting your year out right. More details are below, and please keep your eyes peeled because I will be offering more information about all of these opportunities in the coming month. I am scheduled to participate in a number of upcoming interviews and teleseminars in January that I think you will truly enjoy.

Here is one thought for the New Year with more details to follow next week. In fact, I am going to write a whole article on it. Here is the abridged version: be willing to invest in yourself. Nothing has helped me more in my own life than investing in my own personal and professional growth. Investing in myself literally moved me from where I was, suffering, struggling, unhappy, and depressed, to where I am now, which is more beautiful and grace-filled than anything I could ever have imagined. Whether the investment takes the form of classes, coaching, audio products, or simply reading a book, begin to allocate your resources to your personal growth and development. It does not need to cost a lot – books are quite cheap. Maybe the issue for you is simply creating the time in your busy schedule. Whatever your particular situation, make 2010 a year to invest in yourself, in your personal growth and development.

I guarantee you that you are worth every penny and that an investment in your own transformation will yield dividends for the rest of your life. Obviously I would love to have you invest with me if it feels like a fit, but follow your own heart.

This week’s article is about exactly this – how to listen to your heart. Invest in that which your heart is calling your toward, and let the pull of love guide you.

Here is a short-list of what is currently available (again, details are below):

Peace, Love, Beauty,


What's NEW!
NEW!  Upcoming Tele-course with Sarah Maria

You Were Born Beautiful with Sarah Maria

Every single baby is born beautiful. A baby is not beautiful because of what it does, how much money it makes, what kind of relationships it has, how much it weighs, or any other factor. No, a baby is beautiful simply because – simply because it exists. Seems obvious, right?

Now here is the secret: as you age, as you develop, you never lose this inherent beauty. It simply continues to grow and develop – your life is your beauty unfolding.

Do you related to yourself as a beautiful baby? Or do you relate to yourself as tired, worn-out, wrinkled, overweight, or somehow deficient in some way? Do you see your life as your beauty unfolding, or do you experience it as a struggle, a stress, a strain?

This course is an exquisite invitation to help you see the beauty and perfection that is already inside of you in this very moment. It has been with you since the day you were born, and it will always be with you. Are you willing to live the reality of your perfection? Or are you resigned to continue to live a life of delusion based on the mistaken idea that you are not quite perfect exactly the way you are?

This course is an opportunity to let go of everything that is not serving you, will not serve you, and cannot serve you. And it is an opportunity to step into the grace that can fill your life with magic, mystery, and beauty. It is a great value, truly, with 3 full-class sessions and 2 hour-long coaching sessions with Sarah Maria. The value of the coaching sessions alone is $500, and the entire course is being offered for $347.

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Your Body Is Not the Problem:
Healing your Body through Healing Your Mind, Heart, and Soul
 Rose Cole Radio Show
Be sure to join Sheila Gale and myself for this very valuable Teleseminar happening next Thursday, January 14th from 6-7pm PST. Click here for tickets.

In this teleseminar, I will be discussing how you can heal your body by healing your heart, mind, and soul. I will be talking about how we often act out our emotional and psychological issues on the body, resulting in struggles with food, weight, and our health. We will be discussing why this happens, how it happens, and what you can do to change it. Break free from any self-destructing behaviors that are keeping your trapped, so you can create a body and a life that you love in 2010.

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Awakening the Feminine:
Connecting to Your Source of Power
 Awakening the Feminine

Learn how to live a mythical life! Do you feel trapped in negative beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors? Learn about ancient archetypal figures from the eastern tradition. You can harness the power of the feminine to transform your life on every level. Discover which myths and stories resonate with you, and harness their power to live with love, beauty, and grace.

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Break Free Beauty Introductory Package

Are you longing to transform your relationship to food and your body? Use 2010 to create the change you desire. Learn how to love your body, while improving your eating habits and eliminating your negative body thoughts. Take advantage of this extensive package of healing support.

Break Free Beauty Introductory Package
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Feature Article
How to Listen to Your Heart

Year of the Heart
For me, 2010 will be the year of the heart.

In the West, most people think of the mind as being the source of insight, wisdom, knowledge and guidance. People think that the mind is where they will find the answers to life’s most important questions; it where they think they will discover how to live. And yet for most people the mind is the seat of ignorance, confusion, and difficulty.

In other traditions, and in my own experience, the heart is the true seat of wisdom and knowledge. The mind get confused; the heart loves. The mind questions; the heart knows. The mind worries; the heart relaxes.

Now don’t get me wrong – the mind can be a very useful tool. When kept in its proper role, it is an incredible tool. But it should remain a servant, not a master. 

As you learn to focus on your heart instead of on your mind, you will discover a whole new way of being in the world. You will be able to tap into wisdom, insight, and guidance that you never before imagined.

So consider this as a start for 2010: turn your attention to your heart; connect with the feeling of love, and share your love and gratitude. Are there people in your life who have evoked a feeling of love? Did you experience blessings in 2009 that evoke a feeling of gratitude? Focus on these people or these blessings. Let them evoke the feelings of love and gratitude, and let these feelings pour out from you and gently guide your life.

Now one thing about this practice, and about following the path of the heart more generally: I am not promising that it might not be messy. Hearts can be broken. You can share your love and gratitude and have it rejected, and that hurts. You can give everything you have, offer all the love you can, and still feel hurt, betrayed, abandoned, unloved. There might be bumps, bruises, cuts, and scratches as you offer your tender heart.

But in my experience these pains and these hurts are never the end – they aren’t the final say. They don’t have the final word. The more you love, the more you give, the purer your heart becomes. Now this does not mean deplete yourself, abandon yourself, or deny yourself. Quite the contrary: it means love yourself completely; give yourself everything, and let this love become your life.

Thank You

Always start by offering yourself love first. When you truly love yourself, you love others. For when you know how to love yourself, your heart becomes full. And your love begins to flower – it begins to bloom.  You can begin to offer it, without regard for whether it gets returned or not. Your love might be returned; it might be reflected back to you. It might be rejected and denied because of someone else’s closed heart. But it does not matter. None of that matters. Because the love lives you; the love gives you. Your life becomes an expression of love and is complete in-and-of itself.

And the more this love flowers from within, the more beautiful the world becomes. Unexpected blessings flow into your life; grace finds you and begins to penetrate your being.

So in 2010, let your love flower. Love is not another item on your to-do list. Simply let it flower. Let it grow within your heart and radiate outward. And from this place of fullness, offer love to yourself, offer love to others, offer love to the Divine. Let your entire life become an expression of love and gratitude, for this life is truly an exquisite gift to be both given and received.

Wishing you a year filled with peace, love, and beauty always.

Coaching with Sarah Maria
Coaching with Sarah Maria
 Sarah Maria
Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Are you ready to commit to transformation for real? 

If you know more is possible in your life, if you are yearning to break free from limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, consider hiring a personal coach. I personally guarantee that I would  not be where I am today without the help of amazing teachers, mentors, and coaches. I am going to be writing more in the coming months about the importance of investing in yourself because this has been a key ingredient in my own transformation, and in the success of my colleagues. For now, let me just say that you are worth absolutely every penny. When you invest in yourself, you are making a phenomenal investment that will serve you consistently and produce a manifold return. 

If you are looking to finally end your struggle with food and your body and create lasting peace with both, consider personal coaching.

If you are ready to take your personal and spiritual evolution to the next level; if you find yourself in the midst of change and wanting guidance, consider personal coaching.

To learn more about personal coaching with me, read client testimonials, and decide whether it might be a good fit, visit

Consider what one of my teachers and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says about coaching: 

“You would never expect an athlete to reach the Olympic Games without a world-class coach. Nor would you expect a professional football team to enter the stadium without a whole team of coaches…today coaching has moved into the business and personal realm to include coaches who have succeeded in your area of interest – who can help you traverse this same path or even one far greater. Of all the things that successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list.”
--Jack Canfield, The Success Principles – How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

I would be truly honored for an opportunity to accompany you along your path of total transformation

About Sarah Maria

Sarah Maria is the author of Love Your Body, Love Your Life. The book outlines her 5-step process for helping you feel great in and about your body and yourself. Her work embraces the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, so that true and lasting healing can occur. Click here to purchase your copy and begin to love your body today. To learn more about Sarah Maria and her work, you can visit her website at and

Sarah Maria is a body-image expert and teacher who can help you discover the beauty that you already are so that you can create a body and a life that you truly love.
She has studied with the leading experts in health, spirituality, personal development, and success, including Deepak Chopra, physician Dr. David Simon (co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well-being in Carlsbad, CA), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, renowned Ayurvedic physician Vasant Lad, and many others. She is a lover of eastern philosophy and spiritual wisdom and passionately shares these teachings that have so transformed her own life.

Before founding Break Free Beauty, Sarah Maria received her law degree from Stanford University and her Master's in International Affairs from Columbia University in NYC. She has lived and traveled throughout Latin America, and has also visited many countries around the world. Her greatest passion is helping people discover the beauty and the greatness that resides inside so they can live from this place of grandeur, transforming themselves and the world.

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