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Sarah Maria Body Image CoachBeloved Friend,

Do you find yourself stuck in habitual patterns of thinking and behaving?
Do you find yourself ever wondering if real change is possible?
Do you find yourself bored of the same old patterns, wanting something different?

What if you could experience yourself anew in each moment?

What if every day was an invitation to re-discover yourself?

What if every moment was an opportunity to re-invent yourself?

Start 2011 from a place of Freedom and Self-discovery!

Join me for our final Tele-class of the 6-month series happening this January:

“Every Breath, Every Moment is New – Discovering Yourself Afresh”

Date:   Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time:   6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

Discovering Yourself AfreshWelcome to the joyous delight of human paradox! On the one hand, there is the human tendency to get stuck in habitual patterns. We are all prone to addictions, compulsions, and just plain habitual ways of being. Human beings are very much creatures of habit, and this can lead to finding oneself stuck in the same patterns over many years, perhaps even a whole lifetime.

Yet human beings also have an amazing capacity to change, renew, and re-invent themselves again and again. You have the innate capacity to adapt and grow in ways that you cannot even imagine. You always have the choice and opportunity to step out of old, habitual ways of being and discover new ways of being.

The simple fact is that existence is constantly re-creating itself again and again. You are part and parcel of this existence and are constantly being re-created anew. The only question is are you aware of this newness?

Are you experiencing this re-creation?

Your body is a wonderful example. Every second, every moment, new cells are being created in your body. All of your tissues are being rejuvenated. Your stomach lining is being replaced, your bones are being re-created. Your body is a literal symphony of constant re-creation, rejuvenation, and replenishment.

And your body is just one example. All of nature, everything everywhere, literally all of existence is being re-created again and again.

So the questions to ask yourself are:

Are you living as a conscious choice maker, or are you stuck in habitual ways of responding?

Are you experiencing yourself afresh, waking each day to meet yourself anew?

Are you able to see the places where you are stuck and make a different choice?

Are you seeing yourself as the constantly changing, growing, expanding being that you are?

Make 2011 the year of re-invention. Join me for this special tele-class designed to help you experience yourself afresh.

On January 5th, You Will Discover How to:

Break free from unwanted patterns

Experience the joy that comes from change

Enjoy the newness that each moment brings

Become a conscious choice maker – making choices to move you in the direction you want to go

This is the final call in our 6-month series. Please join me and...

“Start your New Year from a place of
Freedom and Self-discovery!”

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Sending peace, love, and beauty always – I truly look forward to working with you.

Body Image Expert, Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria